GoExhibit Virtual Trade Shows

All the sights and sounds of a real exhibit hall on your website.

A GoExhibit virtual tradeshow is a customized exhibiting space that online attendees can interact with on the web.

Like a video game, attendees walk through the exhibit space, watching videos, viewing posters, and most importantly, visting your exhibitor's custom booths.

Virtual Trade Show Entrance Virtual Trade Show Crowd Virtual Trade Show Hallway

GoExhibit In the News

GoExhibit in Forbes.comHow To Tackle A Virtual Trade Show
"Show hosts make the money back (and then some) by charging exhibitors fees to set up their booths, make presentations and even buy additional, premium advertising."
GoExhibit in LoDown.comVirtual Tradeshows: Closing the Gap on Traditional Tradeshows
"Now if you’re the one hosting a virtual tradeshow, costs can climb into the $20,000 ... But places like GoExhibit will charge only about $179 a month to reserve a virtual hall. "
GoExhibit in Businessweek.comVirtual Conferences' Home Advantage
"Companies are hosting virtual events to attract participants who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend."
GoExhibit in Forbes.comTrade Shows, Web 2.0 Style
"Formats range from a basic online directory of companies and products to an eye-popping Web site with virtual booths--detailed right down to the curtain designs and smiling cyber-greeters."