The 3D virtual trade show is completely managed by GoExhibit. We take the images, website links and text that you provide to create beautiful and dynamic exhibit booths. Booths can be placed in any location in the exhibit hall. And, it doesn't take long to put it all together. Your virtual tradeshow will be accessible by your attendees sooner than you think.

The GoExhibit World Expo III Demo Exhibit Hall is a live exhibit hall that has been open 24/7 since 2007.

Entering the Exhibit Hall

  • All attendees will log in to the event. If it is their first visit to the exhibit hall, they can register for a user-name and password. These credentials help you keep track of the traffic to your exhibit hall.
  • Each attendee enters the exhibit hall at the same location. This allows you to sell premium space at various price points.

Walking the Show Floor

  • You have strategically placed exhibits booths in the exhibit hall. Just like the physical trade show, you can have as many exhibits as you can fit within the exhibit hall.
    • More exhibits in the exhibit hall means more potential revenue for the cost of a single exhibit hall.
    • Fewer exhibits means more space to navigate around the exhibit hall, wider aisles and ease of distinguishing between exhibits.
  • Attendees use the arrow keys on thier keyboard to move forward, backward, turn left or turn right.
  • Attendees can move anywhere on the trade show floor, visiting exhibiting booths, the hall information center, or other attendees in the exhibit hall.

Visiting an Exhibit

  • Each exhibit has its own custom, high-res graphic that allows you to create easy-to-read signage and high-impact booth visibility.
  • Moving closer to exhibit panels, the attendee can get more information in a pop-up panel. The pop-up panel can contain "Read More" buttons or and links to more information via the web.
  • With the click of the mouse, the placard details appear with custom information that can include:
    • images
    • videos
    • downloadable media
    • HTML links
    • PDF brochures and sales collateral
    • Anything the exhibitor has available on the web!

Your Web site

Your virtual trade show is viewed on YOUR web site. Copy the snippet of html provided after your subscription begins and paste it in a page on your site. Visitors won’t be redirected to a third-party site. You retain them on your site for the entire duration of the visit.

Custom Web site

GoExhibit will help develop and host a single page web site to display your virtual trade show.